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07-20-2009 - Celebrate One of Our Nation’s Preeminent Explorers, The History Channel Club
07-13-2009 - Scientist Hopes Lewis’ Remains Will Offer Clues, The Jacksonville Observer, Jacksonville, Fla.
07-12-2009 - Meriwether Lewis’ family in search of truth, Lynchburg News & Advance, Lynchburg, Va.
07-11-2009 - Family seeks to exhume body of Meriwether Lewis, Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, Fla.
07-11-2009 - Explorer’s family seeks truth about his death, The Charleston Gazette, Charleston, W.Va.
07-10-2009 - Family of Meriweather Lewis wants to solve mystery of his death, C-VILLE, Charlottesville, Va.
07-09-2009 - Scientist hopes Meriwether Lewis’ remains are in good shape, The Tennessean, Nashville
07-09-2009 - Descendants of famed explorer want answers about his death--200 years later, Memphis Commercial Appeal
07-09-2009 - Who Killed Meriwether Lewis?, Oregon Public Broadcasting
07-09-2009 - Descendents of Famous Explorer Hope to Dig Up Truth, Kansas City infoZine
07-09-2009 - MTSU professor part of investigation into explorer’s demise, The Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
07-09-2009 - New Efforts to Discover How US Explorer Meriwether Lewis Died, Voice of America
07-09-2009 - Family seeks ‘proper Christian burial’ for famed explorer Meriwether Lewis, Salt Lake City Tribune
07-08-2009 - Was Explorer Meriwether Lewis Murdered?, NPR
07-08-2009 - Descendants try to unearth explorer’s cause of death, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
07-08-2009 - Was Meriwether Lewis, of Lewis and Clark fame, murdered?, Scientific American
07-08-2009 - MT prof to participate in Meriwether Lewis probe, The Murfreesboro Post, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
07-08-2009 - Kin want Meriwether Lewis’ body exhumed to learn how he died, Scripps Howard News Service
07-08-2009 - Meriwether Lewis family to take on federal government over long-overdue exhumation,
07-08-2009 - Murder or Suicide?, NW Limited...History in Vogue
07-06-2009 - Lewis’ descendants want body exhumed, Knoxville News Sentinel
07-04-2009 - Seeking ‘proper Christian burial’, The Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
06-27-2009 - Lewis and Clark in murder mystery 200 years after their final expedition, Sunday Telegraph, London
06-26-2009 - Family seeks ‘proper Christian burial’ for famed explorer, Religion News Service
06-25-2009 - Meriwether Lewis’ shooting: suicide, murder--or other?, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
06-22-2009 - Answers sought in explorer’s death, USA Today
06-21-2009 - Family deserves closure in Meriwether Lewis’ death, The Tennessean, Nashville
06-18-2009 - Family keeps digging for centuries-old truth, The Tennessean, Nashville
06-18-2009 - Meriwether Lewis’ family seeks to solve mystery of his death,
06-17-2009 - Exhuming Lewis, Carlsbad Current-Argus, New Mexico
06-17-2009 - Meriwether Lewis Event Highlights Lewis Descendants’ Campaign to Solve Mystery of Explorer's Death, Harper College, Palatine, Ill.
06-16-2009 - Two MTSU faculty members work on mystery, The Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
06-10-2009 - Suicide? Murder? What Secrets Lie in that Grave on the Natchez Trace?, National Parks Traveler
06-09-2009 - Seeking truth about Meriwether Lewis’ death, Columbia Daily Herald, Columbia, Tenn.
06-08-2009 - The Family of Meriwether Lewis Seeks Answers in His Death,
06-08-2009 - Descendants want Meriwether Lewis exhumed, UPI
06-08-2009 - Descendents Of Lewis Continue To Seek Exhumation, WJZ-TV, Baltimore
06-08-2009 - Descendents of Lewis continue to seek exhumation, WRIC-TV, Richmond
06-08-2009 - Descendents of Lewis continue to seek exhumation, WWBT-TV, Richmond
06-07-2009 - Solving an Historical Mystery: Was Meriwether Lewis Murdered?,
06-07-2009 - Family seeks truth about death of Lewis, The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash.
06-05-2009 - Lewis family seeks help in quest to exhume body, Charlottesville Daily Progress
06-05-2009 - New Web site campaigns to exhume Meriwether Lewis, The Tennessean, Nashville
06-05-2009 - Explorer’s Family Wants Body Exhumed, WSMV-TV, Nashville
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